Compassion in the Classroom

Welcome to the ‘Compassion in the Classroom’ web resource. If you are a Head teacher or senior staff member of any school in the UK and are interested in finding out more about this whole school wellbeing approach, please visit our ‘Team’ ‘Services’ and ‘Resources’ pages. You can also contact Professor Frances Maratos via: f.maratos [at]


  • “I really enjoyed the sessions in school ...I have learnt new techniques and just need to put them into practice.” -  Teacher 2020

  • “I have felt more welcomed in class I have been more accepted by the students in my class” -  Pupil 2020

  • “It has helped me feel a lot more positive about myself. My behaviour has improved even more after the project.” -  Pupil 2020

  • “During the PSHE lessons I have thought about my emotions by thinking about the 3 systems we learnt. I have used the sheet we got given to practice our breathing and calming myself down if I am feeling angry.” -  Pupil 2020

  • “ The education sector are currently facing a recruitment and retention crisis. It is well known that many teachers feel overworked, under-appreciated and stressed. The partnership work carried out with the University of Derby has enabled us to invest in our staff’s mental health and well-being. This project has come at the right time for us. Never has it been more important or needed. I cannot thank the University enough “ -  Head Teacher, 2018